Even if you vote Liberal or Labor at State or Federal elections, it is clear most people prefer Council to be above “party politics”.

I was elected as a Liberal Councillor in 2016, but I am standing at this election as an Independent with a wonderful team with vast experience in business and leadership.

At a time when the Hawkesbury stands at a crossroad, we believe you deserve representation with integrity

None of your Councillors have sought to engage with you as directly as I have. I have explained every position I have taken over the last five years on my website, and exposed Council’s failings through many videos, newsletters, on TV and on radio.

If the other Councillors or candidates can't point to a record like this, why vote for them?

We promise to continue striving to preserve what makes our city so great to live in, while making the Hawkesbury an innovative, prosperous and economically sustainable city.

We are asking for your support, through your vote on December 4, to continue this work and to get things done.

In a year where there has been so little face-to-face contact, and now hearing there will be a ban on handing out material at polling places, it's important that you strike up conversations with your friends and neighbours. Please talk to them about how your Councillors have represented you over the last five years.

The short video below represents our major message to you.

Nathan Zamprogno Signature Transparent
Councillor Nathan Zamprogno

More details on all our policies are at our campaign website



Keep an eye on your letterbox

We are sending you a brochure with more details about our achievements, our values, and our vision for the Hawkesbury. It should reach your letterbox during November. See a digital copy in PDF format at this link.

We believe you deserve better representation


Meet the team




from Oakville

I've lived in the Hawkesbury all my life, descended from third-fleet ancestors in the district.
Since being elected in 2016, I've risen to be appointed as Chairman of the Hawkesbury River County Council and a Director of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils – two associations that our Council gets outstanding value from.
A teacher by training, my Masters research examined the role of critical thinking in education and I became a trained ethics teacher with PrimaryEthics NSW.
I've enjoyed a long association with the Richmond Players Dramatic Society as both an actor and director, and was pleased to secure the Richmond School of Arts grants totalling $120,205 over the years to upgrade the antiquated light and sound equipment in this gem of colonial architecture. Strongly motivated to community service, I've led many initiatives including the Macquarie Youth Leadership Forum.
I'm a single Dad, inveterate abuser of puns, and science buff.



from Grose Vale

Ben says: "My family has a long history in the Hawkesbury. My grandparents lived in Kurrajong and my parents married at Kurrajong Anglican Church. They attended Richmond High School just like my sister and I. I now live at Grose Vale with my wife and two kids.
I’ve been a high school Art teacher for the past 20 years.
Growing up here I’ve noticed a change in Hawkesbury Council. It has not been for the better. It never used to be about party politics - it used to be about the people, and strong community groups, and about understanding what makes the Hawkesbury such a special place.
The Hawkesbury desperately needs independent voices that can improve our area without destroying what makes it great. I believe we can do better in local government – It’s time for a change."



from Bilpin

Bindi says: "I was born in Windsor and spent my formative years on the other side of the mountain in Bilpin and Mountain Lagoon. My family has deep roots within the community, being among the first to settle in Bilpin. As someone living in an area where there are roads named after their family, I feel a great responsibility to protect and preserve these regions for future generations.
My background is in Education and Social Services and I have worked throughout Asia and Europe in various roles.
I am constantly striving to expand my understanding of the world we live in and how I can apply this knowledge to the betterment of my community.
I am passionate about sustainable development and embracing human diversity. I believe in the necessity of overcoming the divides caused by party politics in order to achieve meaningful policy which will help to improve infrastructure and services while maintaining the integrity of the natural environment."



from Tennyson

James says: "A reformed bank executive, I live in Tennyson. The preservation of the Hawkesbury’s unique, natural and historic character is my focus for Council. I’ve gained extensive business experience in Australia and overseas and believe there is great untapped potential in the Hawkesbury – both its local businesses and tourist drawcards.
I believe Hawkesbury constituents deserve a Council that delivers world class service and infrastructure on budget and with no rate surprises! I also believe that the Hawkesbury is the best place in the world to raise a family. I’m passionate about family, tradition, our history, life-long learning, and our wondrous landscapes. I love touring our Macquarie towns landmarks by river and on 2 wheels, the latter especially favouring our legendary bitumen gems, The Putty and The Bells Line. Perfect weekends typically include cruising up to Bilpin on an apple run or a hike down to the Grose River for a refreshing dip!
I’m a strong supporter of causes, including Dad’s In Distress, an initiative of Parents Beyond Breakup."



from Wilberforce

Donna says: "I have lived and worked almost my entire life in the Hawkesbury and I now run and own two local businesses, Unique Floral and Events – a business I started from scratch, and I recently bought the Richmond Kurrajong Florist in the main street of Richmond, a shop I actually worked at over 24 years ago. We used to run the Richmond Retravision store.
My family – husband Glen and our four beautiful daughters have lived in Wilberforce for over 21 years. My family moved to South Windsor when I was 5 and we also lived in Freemans Reach and McGrath’s Hill. I attended Windsor Primary and Windsor High School. I believe state and federal political agendas do not belong in local councils. The Hawkesbury is such a special place to live and work, and my experience in business convinces me that Council needs to understand that local businesses are the spine of our community."



from Kurrajong Heights

Zed says: "I grew up in Bowen Mountain and now live in Kurrajong Heights.
I have appreciated all that the Hawkesbury has offered me, and so I am passionate about ensuring that this city keeps offering opportunities to young people now and far into the future, for jobs, for education, and as a place to raise a family.
I am currently studying at Macquarie University and having worked in and commuted to the city, I understand the importance of keeping the Hawkesbury’s unique balance of peaceful quiet and convenient linkages to the rest of Sydney. I’m passionate about youth activism. I am currently the Vice President of the Australian Liberal Student’s Federation, and was previously President of the Macquarie University Liberal Club."

Key Dates

  • Election Day - Saturday 4th December
  • Pre-poll voting opens - Monday 22nd November
    (Venues: Richmond School of Arts and
    the old Hawkesbury Valley Holden building, Windsor)
  • Postal voting: Open now!

Postal Voting

The NSW Electoral Commission has relaxed the criteria for postal voting.
Many are expected to take the opportunity - especially if you've made up your mind or simply wish to practice COVID safety.
You don't have to wait until polling day to vote.
Click here to apply for a postal vote today.

Do you support good government?

We would be grateful for your support.
We are driven to help make the Hawkesbury a better place.
Even a small amount would be appreciated.
All donations subject to NSW Law. Details at link.
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