Pre-poll voting has now opened for the Council elections. In the Hawkesbury there are two locations:

Windsor Pre-poll: The old 'Hawkesbury Valley Holden' site, Macquarie St, Windsor.
Richmond Pre-poll: Richmond School of Arts (opening hours and directions here).

At the last Council election in 2016, a quarter of voters voted before election day.
In the 2019 State election, it was a third.
I think a record number of people will cast early votes at this election – either because you've made up your mind, or because it confers a degree of COVID safety.

I've worked hard to keep you informed about our Council and how its decisions affect you
I'm leading a wonderful team with leadership experience in business and civic service.
We're asking for your support at these elections to keep serving you.

The election is December 4th.

Nathan Zamprogno Signature Transparent
Councillor Nathan Zamprogno

Campaign News

How Hawkesbury Council has failed you
You've all heard the Hawkesbury Council horror stories –
The D.A that takes a year to approve. The moved goalposts.
The repetitive demands for 'one more report' from the planning department just to process an application.

Much of my time over this term of Council has been spent in fielding the frustrated calls of residents and business-owners as they wrestle with this bureaucracy.
Hawkesbury Council's D.A turnaround time is more than twice as long as three nearby Councils.

I hear you: many people are dissatisfied with Council's unresponsiveness, inconsistency and lack of consultation. The new Council will need to show better leadership to fix this, by resourcing staff, implementing best-practice achieving elsewhere, and driving cultural change.

In this video, listen to Gordon's story, whose simple request to keep a historic timber slab-hut on his Lower Portland property has turned into a nightmare.
And what about the riverside landowners who have been told by Council they’ll have to spend tens of thousands lodging DA’s just to do essential erosion protection works, when they were promised a more streamlined process six months ago?
We're wise to remember there's a human story behind every delay or knock-back.
At this election, both the major parties would be happy if you threw away more than half your vote.

They’re pulling the old ‘One and done’ ploy, meaning their ‘how-to-vote’ material recommends you to put just one number above the line on your ballot paper, and then stop. Each of those tickets might get a couple of people over the line. But you’re not electing two or three people to Hawkesbury City Council - you’re electing twelve.
If you took their advice, your vote would peter out after serving their interests.
Don’t fall for it.

Ensure you cast a vote which has its full strength by numbering more squares.
Even if you tend to vote Liberal or Labor at State or Federal elections, this behavior should be seen as a bit cynical and should not be rewarded.

Our How-to-Vote

Here are our suggesions for your vote.
There won't be anyone handing these out outside polling places due to COVID restrictions.
As the video above suggest, you may wish to number more squares than shown here.

Our Policies and Achievements

We believe you deserve better representation

In case you missed our main video message last time - this short video summarises what our campaign is all about.

More details on all our policies are at our campaign website



Keep an eye on your letterbox

By now you should have received a printed brochure with more details about our achievements, our values, and our vision for the Hawkesbury. If not, see a digital copy in PDF format at this link.

Meet the team

Meet the Team - Ben Newton



from Grose Vale



from Tennyson

Meet the team - James Jackson
Meet the Team - Donna Pellew



from Wilberforce



from Kurrajong Heights

Meet the Team - Zed Sparks

We need your support!


Do you support good government?

We would be grateful for your support.
We are driven to help make the Hawkesbury a better place.
Even a small amount would be appreciated.
All donations subject to NSW Law. Details at link.
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