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The 2024 Federal Redistribution for Macquarie

The 2024 Federal Redistribution for Macquarie – for people in a hurry!

On June 14th the Australian Electoral Commission released their proposed new seat boundaries in NSW for the upcoming Federal election.
You may have seen headlines about the seat of North Sydney being abolished, and NSW losing a seat overall in the Parliament, but what does the redistribution mean for people living in the Hawkesbury and the Blue Mountains, in the seat of Macquarie?

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Hawkesbury Radio Interview with

Interview on local radio Hawkesbury Radio with “Sparky Sean” Carroll

Hawkesbury Radio Interview with "Sparky Sean" Carroll –June 9th 2024

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Interview with Bruce Robertson

Interview with 104 year old veteran Bruce Robertson at RAAF Richmond

It was a rare privilege to sit and record the memories of Bruce Robertson earlier this week with Kathryn Gene from Pulse 89.9FM Radio.
It’s hard to encapsulate just how much Bruce's extraordinary 104 year life has taken in. Watch this amazing interview.

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Interview on local radio Pulse FM with Kathryn Gene

On Monday Pulse 89.9FM Radio presenter Kathryn Gene interviewed me on air about local issues in her segment 'In Topic'.
Ranging from the state of our roads, recovery from floods, the pressure for development and the upcoming Council elections, check out this video in case you missed it.

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The Hawkesbury River Flood of April 2024

A rare "rain bomb" again plunged the Hawkesbury-Nepean River and the communities that live and work along its banks into crisis between April 5-7, and another flood washed through the area. Here's what it looked like.

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Launch of the “” website

This year is a Council election year. The biggest question facing voters is "What do you want the future of the Hawkesbury to be?" So, we're launching the "" to ask people what their views are. Take a survey or sign a petition!

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The Sydney ant-hill – A modern tragedy

Should the Hawkesbury become part of the Sydney ant-hill?

Sydney has a problem: An addiction to endless growth.
It's gradually eroding the things that make areas on the fringes of our major cities such lovely places to live, such as the Hawkesbury district in north-west Sydney. The March edition of the Hawkesbury Post contains a text version of this article.

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Sealing Packer Road, Lower Portland

Council a step closer to honouring its pledge to seal Packer Road

Among the proposed projects Hawkesbury Council promised to fund with a 2018 rate-hike was the sealing of Packer Road, a key east-west road linking the Putty Road travelling north from Wilberforce, and the river communities of Lower Portland, Cumberland Reach and Sackville. With no commencement visible, residents were rightly upset when a report to Council's February 2024 meeting recommended the project be shelved. This is what happened next.

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Potential map of housing changes (Hawkesbury)

The NSW Government’s push to build 8 story flats in your suburb

The NSW Labor government is targeting a range of suburbs for massive new urban growth and unprecedented densification. They’ve announced a proposed policy of massive flat-building to meet a target of 377,000 new homes by 2029.

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Upon leaving the Liberal Party

This week I was informed that I had been expelled from the Liberal Party, an organisation I have been a member of and servant to for 32 years. This follows a years-long orchestrated campaign of bullying from figures within the Party.

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The Windsor Paddlesports Club Grant saved after hanging by a thread!

Due to inaction by Council, a $801,218 grant to build a clubhouse in Macquarie Park (on the river opposite the Terrace in Windsor) for Paddlesports and Dragon boating was hanging by a thread. I raised my concerns...

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