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Why you should be angry about reckless election-season posturing

If there was any doubt that the election silly-season is upon us, this week's Council meeting should leave you in no doubt.
Two things in particular stand out – variations on the same theme, one might say.
I regard two motions that came to Council for us to abandon relationships with two regional bodies WSROC and HRCC (which we have been a member of for 73 years), to be lazy, reckless vandalism. 

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A Win For Colbee Park Users – A Masterplan… And $573K in Funding!

Overwhelmingly, the biggest problem Council has with developing masterplans for our parks is there is no money allocated to execute the plans once they're made. In this term I have lamented that community consultation and masterplanning processes raise community expectations, only to dash them with no follow-through...

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We should look after Jenolan Caves better

Jenolan Caves is a much loved tourist destination, not far from the Hawkesbury. When I visited in January, I found it in a shocking state. Here's what I did.

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What you need to know about COVID

Recently, at the Australian Local Government Conference in Canberra, I was briefed about some surprising COVID statistics. Here's what I learned.

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Raising awareness of the need for Hawkesbury-Nepean River Health

In 2004, the Hawkesbury River was choked with weeds. Hard work and co-operation between three tiers of government cleared the river up. Now, short-sighted policy is putting all that at risk. I'm fighting for a better deal.

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Australian Councils deserve more help from the Federal Government

Support for Local Government as a fraction of Federal taxation revenue has halved since 1996. Worse, Councils have no recognition in the Constitution. I went to Canberra to put the case for better representation.

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