Committee Work


At the first meeting of Council’s term commencing 27th September, 2016, I was appointed to the following committees:

  • Civics and Citizenship committee
  • Heritage Advisory committee
  • WSROC (Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils) — appointed as a Director.
  • Hawkesbury Sister Cities committee (2016-2017 only)

At the meeting held on October 11, 2016 a preferential ballot was held to elect the Council’s delegates to the Hawkesbury River County Council. I am pleased to say I was elected as one of Council’s two delegates for what would end up as a five year term.

Other committee and working groups I led included:

  • Hawkesbury Regional Traffic Study Group (2017)
  • Working group to draft the charter for a Council Committee on Infrastructure (appointed May 2017)

At a meeting of Council in October 2017, I was appointed to the following newly created committee:


In October 2018, I was elected by my fellow Councillors to the role of Deputy Chair of the Hawkesbury River County Council.

In October 2019, I was honoured to be unanimously elected the Chair of the Hawkesbury River County Council for the 2019-2020 year.

After the deferral of local government elections until in September 2021, I was elected to a second term as Chairman of the HRCC with the unanimous support of the Board members representing four Council areas.


In February 2021, after a substantial reform of Council’s committee structures, I was elected to the following new or reconstituted committees:

  • Environment Committee
  • Innovation and Partnerships Committee
  • Disaster and Emergency Committee

My role with the Heritage Committee was ongoing, after I fought specifically to preserve that committee’s functions and  membership.


After re-election to Council to a second term, I was appointed to the following:

  • Disaster and Emergency Committee (committee of the whole Council)
  • Innovation and Partnerships Committee
  • Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (alternate delegate)
  • LGNSW Conference delegate

I will maintain my interests in those committees I represented in the first term, such as the Heritage committee, and attend as many of those meetings as I can.


Council engaged in a further restructure and abolition of Council committees, a move which I opposed and declared publicly was a diminution of democracy and community participation.

Standing committees which remain and which I am a member of include:

  • Disaster and Emergency Committee (committee of the whole Council)


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