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Privacy and Data Use Policy

Personal data collected through your interaction with this site or my social media may be used to provide you with information and updates relevant to elected political representation.

Such data is safeguarded and is never used or shared for any commercial purpose.

Emails to you will conform to the relevant guidelines issued by ACMA for the sending of non-commercial material.

All content on this page, and associated social media pages remains the intellectual property of Nathan Zamprogno.

Fair Use‘ rights apply.

On Council’s Media Policy

Hawkesbury Council have adopted updated versions of both its Media Policy and Code of Conduct in July 2019.

Section 3.13 of the Code of Conduct, states, in relation to the Media:

“Where a situation arises where a Councillor’s comment is sought on an issue of community interest, the Councillor must clearly state that their expressed view is a personal view, and does not necessarily represent the views of the Council on a particular issue.”


All commentary on this website is the personal opinion of the author, Nathan Zamprogno.

I seek to make a clear distinction between the stated policies of Hawkesbury City Council, and my opinion as an individual or elected Councillor.

On matters of Council policy, the Mayor and the General Manager remain the official spokespersons, and no material on this site or on my social media platforms purports to “speak for” Council.

I will, however, continue to speak out clearly and fairly on matters of interest and concern to the community.

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