Notice about donations

Donations to Local Government Campaigns in NSW are governed by legislation.

The rules include:

• A requirement that all donors are on the Electoral Roll, or that Companies are Australian companies.
• A $6,700 cap on donations to any group of candidates
• A $3,100 cap on donations to a particular individual candidate. (Donating here will be taken as a donation to the Zamprogno group of candidates)
• A requirement that all donations are identifiable and disclosable to the NSW Electoral Commission, and
• A prohibition on ALL donations from
– a property developer
– a tobacco industry business entity
– a liquor or gambling industry business entity
– a close associate of a prohibited donor.

For more information on the detailed rules surrounding political donations, visit the NSW Electoral Commission

By donating here, you agree that you understand these rules, and declare you are permitted to make a donation.