When development fails the common-sense test

What would you think, if you lived on a pleasant suburban block, and your neighbour knocked down a modest 50’s era home to build a duplex so big that it came up hard to the fenceline on both sides of the property, and parts of the building even overhung your fence?

This is the situation a local resident has faced in Teviot St, Richmond. I was concerned when I visited this site that a building of this scale was approved for a block this size. The brickwork is only about 8cm from the fence on both sides, and the gutters actually crossed the line of the property boundary.

How this kind of structure gets a tick is beyond me, and I think most readers would agree with me that this fails the common-sense test. I’m now going to take an interest in seeing if the rules Council follows for developments like this should be changed.  If this building satisfied the criteria for such a development, then those codes need to change, badly!

Thankfully, the Gazette has picked up the story and my remarks on the matter can be found here.

Mrs McArthur, one of the affected neighbours, was not given any confidence when it was discovered that the private certifier has had several complaints upheld against him by the Building Professionals Board for not doing his job. At my urging, compliance action is now taking place by the Certifier and the builder, and I’ll continue to take an interest.

If you have concerns about a matter like this in the Hawkesbury, please feel free to contact me.

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6 thoughts on “When development fails the common-sense test

  1. Lol at the headline… when development fails the common sense test… So I take it your going to visit the temple when it’s under construction and write an article about how it’s not suited to the area so the locals can I say I told u so? Pretty much the same story here yet the locals demonstrated being not fit for the area and still the mayor approved it…

    • I know, I’m actually a fan of yours (if that’s possible with council haha) and I really like what u stand for 🙂 I’m not trolling you and lets be honest, you pointed out the floors in the temple, which no doubt you will be one of the many joining the chorus of people saying I told you so.

  2. HI NATHAN nothing has changed downpipes are on but not connected i was flooded with 3 weeks of rain and all the water spilling in my back garden under carport along foot paths ankle deep GREG MILES HAS BEEN OUT seen the water marks along the wall and took heaps of photos the water flowed under my house and in to number 10 i never said were it was coming from other wise they.d have been on your back too i was talking to greg on friday by phone he hasnt heard anything from owner going to issue a fine i told him to give him one from me to for all the stress & clean all bill for carpets and cement splashes on my car im not dropping this Nathan and will take it further i can promise you that

  3. I’ve done work there. That woman is no sweet little old lady. The swear words I’ve heard come out of her mouth are unbelievable, makes false complaints to council about works going on there. There is always two sides to a story.

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