Video blog – Hawkesbury Council rate rises and the Valuer General

Further to an earlier post on Hawkesbury Council’s rates rises, I’ve done some further analysis on the factors contributing to sharp rate rises for many Hawkesbury ratepayers, especially those in Oakville, Maraylya and Vineyard.

The maps referenced in the above video can also be downloaded here.

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10 thoughts on “Video blog – Hawkesbury Council rate rises and the Valuer General

  1. Very extensive,I would love to see you do this for a true representation using the last percentage that was changed by Bob Porter and voted by the last liberal block,because Bowen Mountain were hit hard & our rates rose astronomically,we don’t have all the services you listed that residential have,we are like the rural properties but our land is nowhere near the 3mill mark

    • I’d like to see them look at all the options, not just this Liberal stuck-in-the-mud 50% one which is not used by virtually any surrounding council’s. Nathan’s numbers also seem to misrepresent the 50% – it is worked out over the whole Hawkesbury, not on individual properties, so the description he gives can be a little misleading. He’s done a great job on it though, just a shame something similar could not be done in time for the councillors to be given a more detailed analysis as part of the decision-making process.

  2. The St Albans, NSW community has been payiing for services which they don’t get for years and yet to get the council to do anything in our area they now want to put our rates up. Not good enough. Its impossible to get decent Road work done, Clearing of noxious weeds, our Local park maintained, paths are over grown with weeds, Council tennis courts left to abandon. Why should our rates go up for services we already pay for but do not receive.

    • After the great job the St Albans people did in respect to the Commons, it surprises me that we don’t hear more of these problems. With the new General Manager being a very hands-on guy, I’d be getting in touch not only with council but the individual councillors to get some action. Things are changing, and hopefully for the better ?

  3. how about we just amalgamate with Hills and throw the current tossers away. Hawkesbury council area has so much tourism potential which is wasted by this ridiculous council. Not to mention the way land gets subdivided in Hawkesbury, no sewer service, just vacuum systems that are guaranteed to fail, how about handing the wastewater assets over to Sydney water, get someone competent to run them. Sydney Water customers pay less for sewage services than Hawkesbury council

    • Read the Hawkesbury Tourism Strategy? Seen which political party dominates the tourism committee? Seen where the $3 million our State member promised is being spent? I don’t know why you think council is responsible for wasting tourism potential, it’s not like they have the money to advertise ?????. Do some research, get informed and come back with a sensible option instead of bagging the few people who actually are putting their time and effort into trying to rectify the mess they inherited please.

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