Day: September 25, 2022

From the town of Windsor to the House of Windsor–will the Australian republican debate be rekindled?

From the town of Windsor to the House of Windsor – Will the Australian republican debate be rekindled?

On the same day the nation mourned the passing of Queen Elizabeth, republican protesters in Sydney and Melbourne burned the Australian flag, chanted “I’m glad the b*tch is dead”, and marched behind banners demanding "Abolish the Monarchy".


This is not who we are. In fact, amidst an outpouring of gratitude for the Queen's life of service, support for Australia remaining a Constitutional Monarchy has surged.


Talking about whether institutions and symbols continue to reflect our values and loyalties is healthy. But we must not become like other countries who have become so partisan in their politics they have lost their ability to talk constructively to one another; where the media, the judiciary and the pulpit become trenches in the culture war.


As for myself, Sarah McMahon - Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Les Sheather and Councillor Shane Djuric, we attended a moving memorial service for Her Majesty at St Matthews Anglican Church Windsor NSW.


It's an oddity than when stories about the Royal Family trend, we attract attention by association, through the novelty of our town bearing the name of the reigning House.
When the 1998 referendum on the republic was counted, 56% of the citizens of Macquarie (which includes the left-leaning Blue Mountains) voted "No". I played a small part in that campaign with Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, which I describe in the video.


The overwhelming respect accorded to the late Queen and our new King makes me think there will be no Australian republic soon, perhaps ever.