A Fairer Rating System

Your Council rates have skyrocketed during this Council term.

I voted against every rate rise, and against the changes to the rating formula that made matters worse.

This Council rammed through a Special Rate Variation that jacked up everyone’s rates by a third. Then it moved the “Base Rate” – a flat fee that evens out rates between families of equal income, down from 50% to 30%, which exacerbated the distortions of land value on the bottom line. For land-owners next to growth centres like Vineyard, the rates of working families and retirees have doubled or more than doubled, despite no change to their income or access to Council services.

It’s not fair, and the system needs to be changed.

My posts about 'Rates'

Over the past 5 years I’ve documented heavily my thoughts and the evolving conversation about your Council rates.

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